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Hemophilia-associated AIDS in the United States, 1981 to September 1987


Between January 1, 1981 and September 4, 1987, 407 cases of hemophilia-associated acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) had been reported to the Centers for Disease Control. The number of cases diagnosed each year nearly doubled, except in 1986, when cases increased only 50 per cent. Demographic characteristics of the patients did not change over time. The majority (74 per cent) had severe hemophilia and 97 per cent received commercially produced concentrated clotting factors. The cumulative incidence of AIDS between 1981 and September 1987 for persons with severe hemophilia A was substantially greater than that for persons with severe hemophilia B (4.2 cases vs 1.9 cases per 100 persons).

Stehr-Green JK, Holman RC, Jason JM, Evatt BL

Am J Public Health 1988 Apr;78(4):439-42

PMID: 3126675