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Analysis of risk factors for surgical wound infections following vascular surgery


Although surgical wound infections (SWI) following implantation of prosthetic devices can be catastrophic and often require removal of the prosthesis, few studies have identified risk factors for these infections. We conducted a prospective multicenter study to identify risk factors for SWI. Of 561 vascular surgery patients enrolled in the study, 23 (4.1%) developed SWI. Multivariate analysis using logistic regression analyses identified surgery on lower extremities, delayed surgery, diabetes mellitus, past history of vascular surgery, and short antimicrobial prophylaxis (three doses of cefamandole) as independent risk factors for SWI. Consequences of SWI were serious; two (9%) died, 11 (48%) required reoperation, and five (22%) had their prosthesis removed. A risk index was developed using the independent risk factors for SWI identified by logistic regression analyses. When no risk factors were present, no SWI was observed (0 of 100), and the rate of SWI increased from 2.5% when one risk factor was present to 53.8% (7 of 13) when greater than or equal to 4 risk factors were present.

Richet HM, Chidiac C, Prat A, Pol A, David M, Maccario M, Cormier P, Bernard E, Jarvis WR

Am. J. Med. 1991 Sep;91(3B):170S-172S

PMID: 1928160