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How common is latex allergy? A survey of children with myelodysplasia


To estimate the prevalence of latex allergy among children with myelodysplasia, describe the spectrum of associated clinical symptoms and evaluate potential risk factors for the development of latex sensitization, the authors conducted a survey at a regional spina bifida center. The findings suggest that symptomatic latex allergy is frequent among children with myelodysplasia and that those with a history of allergies and/or multiple surgical procedures are at greatest risk of sensitization. Until a sensitive and specific laboratory test for latex allergy is available, clinical history, especially allergy to balloons, may be an inexpensive and convenient way of identifying patients with myelodysplasia who may be at increased risk of more severe reactions and at whom preventive measures, such as reducing latex exposures and/or administration of prophylactic medications, should be targeted.

Pearson ML, Cole JS, Jarvis WR

Dev Med Child Neurol 1994 Jan;36(1):64-9

PMID: 8132116