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Latex sensitivity among perioperative nurses


To estimate the prevalence, risk factors, and clinical spectrum of adverse reactions to natural rubber latex-containing products among a national sample of perioperative nurses, the investigators administered a self-reporting questionnaire to a convenience sample of 2,200 members of the Association of Operating Room Nurses, Inc. Of the 1,738 nurses who responded, 369 (21%) reported latex reactions. Multivariate analysis identified a history of allergies to cosmetic powders, other allergies, chronic illnesses, and regular use of latex gloves as independent risk factors for reactions to latex-containing products. Localized reactions, such as contact dermatitis, were the reactions reported most commonly, although severe systemic reactions also were described.

Zaza S, Reeder JM, Charles LE, Jarvis WR

AORN J 1994 Nov;60(5):806-12

PMID: 7826050