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Risk factors for radial artery harvest site infection following coronary artery bypass graft surgery


Radial arteries increasingly are used during coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. Although risk factors for saphenous vein harvest site infection (HSI) have been reported, rates of and risk factors for radial artery HSI are not well established. We compared rates of radial artery HSI that were detected by 2 surveillance methods, regular and heightened. Risk factors were determined by a case-control study. We identified 35 radial artery HSIs (“case sites”) in 26 case patients. The radial artery HSI rate was significantly higher during heightened surveillance than during routine surveillance (12.3% vs. 3.1%, respectively; P=.002). Multivariate analysis showed that diabetes mellitus with a preoperative glucose level >/=200 mg/dL (odds ratio [OR], 4.4; P=. 01) and duration of surgery >/=5 h (OR, 3.1; P=.02) were independent risk factors for radial artery HSI. Infection is a common complication of radial artery harvesting for CABG surgery, and infection rates are dependent on the intensity of surveillance. We identified preoperative hyperglycemia and surgery duration as independent risk factors for radial artery HSI.

Trick WE, Scheckler WE, Tokars JI, Jones KC, Smith EM, Reppen ML, Jarvis WR

Clin. Infect. Dis. 2000 Feb;30(2):270-5

PMID: 10671327