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Building communication networks: international network for the study and prevention of emerging antimicrobial resistance


The global nature of antimicrobial resistance and the failure to control the emergence of resistant organisms demand the implementation of a global surveillance program involving both developed and developing countries. Because of the urgent need for infection control interventions and for rapid distribution of information about emerging organisms, we initiated the International Network for the Study and Prevention of Emerging Antimicrobial Resistance (INSPEAR). Its main objectives are to serve as an early warning system for emerging antimicrobial-drug resistant pathogens, to facilitate rapid distribution of information about emerging multidrug-resistant pathogens to hospitals and public health authorities worldwide, and to serve as a model for the development and implementation of infection control interventions.

Richet HM, Mohammed J, McDonald LC, Jarvis WR

Emerging Infect. Dis. 2001 Mar-Apr;7(2):319-22

PMID: 11294732