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Utility of paired BACTEC MYCO/F LYTIC blood culture vials for detection of bacteremia, mycobacteremia, and fungemia


In previous bloodstream infection studies in Malawi, we inoculated blood from a single venesection into a single BACTEC MYCO/F LYTIC (MFL) vial. Inoculation of one vial, however, would be expected to reduce the sensitivity of bloodstream pathogen detection with MFL vials. To ascertain the degree of this loss of sensitivity, blood was drawn from each of 228 febrile, adult inpatients in Malawi and 5 ml of each blood sample was inoculated into each of two MFL vials. Of 228 paired vials, 51 (22%) were both positive, 172 (75%) were both negative, and 5 (3%) had discordant results. Bloodstream infection would have been detected in 11 (92%) of 12 patients with mycobacteremia and 38 (92%) of 41 patients with bacteremia had only one MFL vial been inoculated. Our study shows that a second MFL vial does not significantly increase diagnostic sensitivity.

Archibald LK, Dobbie H, Kazembe P, Nwanyanwu O, McKnight C, Byrne T, Addison RM, Bell M, Reller LB, Jarvis WR

J. Clin. Microbiol. 2001 May;39(5):1960-2

PMID: 11326022