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The state of the science of health care epidemiology, infection control, and patient safety, 2004


Being aware and implementing the latest and best scientific evidence in infection control and health care epidemiology is critical to enhancing patient outcomes. In this review, the latest published scientific data in health care epidemiology and patient safety were reviewed for the period May 2003-May 2004. Medline reviews and reviews of infection control and infectious diseases journals were used for this period. The latest guidelines and publications on antimicrobial resistance, nursing or infection control professional staffing, West Nile virus, and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) are included. Awareness of these and other important infection control publications is essential if the latest measures are to be implemented to prevent and control health care-associated infections.

Jarvis WR

Am J Infect Control 2004 Dec;32(8):496-503

PMID: 15573058